ArtWorks mentors young adults interested in pursuing careers in the cultural sector. This is a hands-on skills development program that builds a bridge from school to work for college and university students and recent graduates.

Through ArtWorks, young adults work directly with practicing artists and art educators, who provide training and offer guidance as students put their knowledge into practice.  The best part? Our ArtWorks program pays students for their work and has a successful track record with 78% of all program participants securing work in a cultural position. ArtWorks offers an opportunity for young people interested in building the new creative economy to gain aesthetic, artistic, and practical skills to further apply their creative energy in the workplace.

As an ArtWorks Apprentice I got to see first-hand how CKA’s programs helped improve children’s lives, which inspired me to produce a documentary about how art can improve, and sometimes even save, a young person’s life.

- ArtWorks Alumni