CKA’s After School Arts Program (ASAP) provides engaging, art education workshops led by practicing artists from across the region to 500 children and youth during the school year.

Young participants can explore visual art, music, dance and drama in a supportive environment that celebrates freedom of expression, fun and creativity. ASAP is a space where children can convey their feelings in a constructive manner and share enriching experiences with their peers in a collaborative environment.

To celebrate the accomplishments of participating children, the program culminates with a final performance that builds confidence and pride in the accomplishments of hard work, and fosters enriching connections within the community.

I had a bunch of boys yell out, “That’s not music.”  Then they started to make fart noises.  That’s when I knew they were inspired.  We  continued to explore sound in all its wacky wonder.

- ASAP Artist Educator