Artasia is an annual community-wide arts education initiative that brings children together to discover the transformative power of the arts.

Artasia is based on the belief that creativity is important to development, and that the ideas of young people are vital to shaping strong, healthy communities. This innovative program encourages collaboration, mutual learning and the multi-generational sharing of knowledge, with children, secondary school students, new generation emerging artists and practicing artists working together to uncover the potential in our community. Through Artasia, we reach 500 young people each summer and we share their work in many ways, including a large-scale, collaborative art exhibition debuting at the end of August and tours throughout the region.

The pillars of the Artasia program are art education, civic engagement, environmentalism, innovation and story-telling, and it is based on the principles of children’s voices, imagination and seeing potential. When we work together to address the challenges facing our community, we are reminded that no person should be ignored or forgotten, and that we have the power to transform our neighbourhoods with innovative solutions. We use art to empower the children in our community.


I think the program opened the staff’s eyes to the roots of art and its many branches.

- Agency Staff