Participation in the arts is a right not a privilege: Providing opportunities for creativity and empowerment for all children and youth through the arts.

Art helps children to express themselves, explore, dream, and learn. By providing artistic and creative opportunities we are offering a platform for children and youth to share their voice -- Ultimately contributing to the foundation of a child's or youth's sense of wellbeing, belonging, and self confidence.

At CKA we know children and youth have a lot to teach us and remind us to approach the world with curiosity, hope, and empathy. By providing greater opportunities and accessibility to arts, children and youth will lead us to a brighter future and a stronger community

You can support CKA by donating, sponsoring our programs or volunteering.

Our Stories

A picture is worth a thousand words, we know, but sometimes you just have to put pen to paper. Here are a few of our stories:

As an ArtWorks Apprentice I got to see first-hand how CKA’s programs helped improve children’s lives, which inspired me to produce a documentary about how art can improve, and sometimes even save, a young person’s life.

- ArtWorks Alumni