Here at Culture for Kids in the Arts (CKA) we believe that children have a lot to teach us.Children remind us to approach the world with more curiosity and more hope, to be empathetic and open to the opinions and experiences of others. Art helps children to express themselves, to explore, dream, learn and even make mistakes. CKA aims to connect kids to creativity to build a better community. We believe that using art as a platform for children to share their voices will, in turn, open our minds to the possibility of a brighter future and a stronger community.

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Our Stories

A picture is worth a thousand words, we know, but sometimes you just have to put pen to paper. Here are a few of our stories:

I had the opportunity to play antlers for 3 Syrian refugees that had  just arrived in Canada 3 days prior.  This was their first day at school.  They were sheepish at first, but through the universal language of sound, they were engaged and really intrigued.

- ASAP Artist Educator