Mischa Weisz After School Arts Program

School age children attend out of school programs (ages 6-12) hosted by community childcare organizations. Children attending these programs have the opportunity to participate in weekly arts programs within their after school location. Professional arts instructors travel to the different locations and lead hands-on classes in visual arts, music, dance and drama. The program’s culminating activity engages all participants in a “Celebration” in the form of a group performance or art exhibition.


ARTASIA is a city-wide arts education initiative combining visual arts, environment, education and literacy that engages children and youth in visual arts workshops and a final public art exhibition. The project is led by an Arts Educator and team of Arts Apprentices (hired from local Post-Secondary and Graduate Schools). The overarching goal is to provide a voice to children and their view of their city, their home- realizing the potential through the eyes of a child. The project challenges the children to look at their community with both a critical and inspirational eye.

ArtWorks Training Program

The ArtWorks Training Program is a skills training program in arts specific fields of dance, drama, media, music, and visual arts with a goal of training young generational individuals inspired to investigate creative industries employment as emerging artists, arts educators and cultural workers such as project co-ordinators & managers.