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At Culture for Kids in the Arts (CKA), we believe that all children should have access to the arts regardless of circumstance. Children have a right to access arts, as it is an important part of child development. This access is about balance and development of children, society, and future generations. It’s the right thing to to. It is our role to find a way to do this.

We are an organization that continues to grow. In addition to children’s-based program we are also launching a new model to provide training for recent arts graduates and a new role of cultural educators. We see great potential for this program. Whether from the perspective of a recent arts graduate, or an educator that works with children, there is a great deal of passion towards the importance of the arts in our community. Arts should be on the agenda for children in our community. It is our role to give encouragement, support, and support the qualifications, energy, and creativity in our community. It is a journey of discovery by the arts. It is also our dream.

We see the role of CKA in supporting and developing the arts industry. Many post-secondary arts students do not have the opportunity to share their skills; their talent is wasted. Dreams are disappearing. By including a new training opportunity, we are creating a well-balanced approach that affects future generations of children, family, and community.

Our new programs will only serve to further enhance and support our existing After School Arts Program, Artasia, and ArtWork programs that provide arts-based opportunities for children in our community.

We will continue to develop our programs, and passion will carry us through. We are moving from a project-based organization to a program-based organization with the help of our sponsors and community partners.

All of this does not happen on its own. CKA would not be who we are without our sponsors, our board, our volunteers, and our staff. The Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts is our founding partner. We are grateful for their ongoing support of Culture for Kids in the Arts. We also thank our sponsors, who include the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Ministry of Culture, the City of Hamilton, and many local businesses and community partners.

We are doing this for Children. Arts play a major role in childhood development. We need to sustain them culturally and fiscally. At CKA, we’re investing in future generations.

On a personal note, as Managing Program Director, I would like to thank my wife Victoria, and our son William, for being the inspiration behind our programs.

As Board Chair, I would like to thank our board members. They are a tireless group of volunteers committed to ensuring that all children have access to the arts, regardless of circumstance.

The arts play a major role in child development. We are investing in future generations. Creative, well-rounded children will stand as leaders in the global community.

Vitek Wincza
Managing Program Director

Brenda Ferguson
Board Chair

Culture for Kids in the Arts